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Build Domain Authority

SEO has changed a lot over the years but the one thing that has remained constant is the need for a good domain authority. Google and other search engines rank your listing in the organic search results based on your website's authority. If your website has a strong online authority, it'll be ranked higher and appear more frequently in the organic results. I use a handful of SEO tactics such has keyword optimization and link building to grow and maintain your domain's authority.

3.8 Million Searches Happen Per Minute

If you want your business to be discovered online today, Search Engine Optimization is a primal necessity. It's about showing up to the people who count when it matters.


Online Experiences Start With A Search Engine


Searches Happen on Google


More Traffic Comes From SEO than Social Media


Users Research A Product or Service Before Buying

Strategies For Growth

How I take my clients from 0 to 60,000 clicks in 12 months


Keyword Research

It starts with thoroughly analyzing your industry and discovering highly relevant keywords to your business. This provides a strong foundation to build your SEO on and expand your reach.


Quality Content

I consistently create professional, well-written content for your website to make you stand out to visitors and search engine algorithms. New content keeps your website looking active.


Reputable Links

When a website with good authority links to your website, it boosts your website's own authority. I use different link building strategies to help your website earn links from reputable places.

My Process

I approach every project with clear communication and transparency.

The first step in any successful search engine optimization project is to meet with you and introduce myself. I believe in building a strong working relationship with all of my clients, so it's important that we get to know each other. During the meeting, I'll learn more about your business and goals. I'll find out what has worked in the past for you and what hasn't. At the meeting's conclusion, I'll plan for content, pictures, and other key assets from you.

The Analysis and Research phase is important for establishing a strong foundation to grow your SEO from. I'll start by analyzing your key competitors and understanding what strategies drive their business forward. I will conduct exhaustive research into your market and audience to find unique areas of opportunity. Once this phase is completed, I'll have gathered significant insights and a strategy to go forward.

It typically takes about 2 weeks for you to receive a proposal from me. In the proposal, you'll find my plan of action, recommendations, and steps to go forward. I'll answer any questions you have and are always open to recommendations. Once the proposal has been approved by you and all necessary information gathered, I'll start working on the project.

I will take all the assets provided by you and use them to build an initial draft of your SEO plan. During this phase, I will be communicating you and gathering more information. Once a week, I'll touch base to see if you like the direction I'm heading in and have anything to add. I want to make sure you're 200% happy with your SEO, so I'm thorough in my process. Once I have a first draft completed and approved by you, I'll move into the Implementation phase.

In the Implementation stage, I complete any finishing touches that are needed and set your SEO live. Technical on-site SEO is finalized and all directories and online resources are updated with new domain information.

Since nothing is perfect the first time, I'm constantly refining and optimizing your SEO. I'm always available for questions and recommendations. If you want something updated, I'm usually able to get it done within 24 hours.

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